Thorne Research B-Complex #12 60 Veggie Caps


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Thorne Research B-Complex #12 60 Veggie Caps

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    B#12 promotes energy production and healthy neurological function. Unlike many B vitamins, it contains eight active forms of the water-soluble B vitamins.

    B#12 Complex provides a complete B vitamin complex with added vitamin B12 and folate. Supplements containing the active forms of B vitamins are of paramount importance to everyone, especially individuals who cannot convert inactive B vitamins to their active forms in the liver due to impaired liver function, poor enzyme performance, digestive disorders, or advanced age. Vitamin B12 and folate are essential for normal red blood cell formation, tissue and cell repair, normal methylation and homocysteine ​​metabolism, and DNA synthesis. Thorne’s B#12 Complex provides the two active forms of Vitamin B12 and methylcobalamin – as well as the two active forms of folate – folic acid and 5-hydroxytryptophan. The other bioactive forms of Vitamin B present in each capsule ensure that you receive the maximum amount of the available Bioactive Vitamin B Complex. Compound B #12 is not extracted from yeast.

    Most of the B vitamins, with the exception of vitamin B12, are not stored in the body and, therefore, must be obtained daily from the diet in order to maintain optimal health.

    Vitamin B12 deficiency to varying degrees may affect mental changes, such as confusion and nervousness. Certain prescription medications (for epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, or cancer) may cause a deficiency in these important vitamins. The possibility of vitamin B12 and/or folate deficiency is greater in the elderly. Pregnant women need more folate for proper fetal development. A woman who had a folate deficiency before pregnancy, may need to supplement this deficiency during pregnancy.

    B#12 Complex contains eight water-soluble B vitamins: thiamine (vitamin B1); riboflavin/phosphate-5-riboflavin (vitamin B2); niacinamide (vitamin B3); pantothenic acid (vitamin B5); pyridoxine/phosphate-5-pyridoxine (vitamin B6); methyl- and vitamin B12; folic acid, 5-hydroxytryptophan (folate); biotin; In addition to choline. Although each of the B vitamins is chemically different, they often work together for different biochemical functions throughout the entire body – from cellular energy production, to healthy red blood cell formation, and healthy nervous system function.

    Dietary supplements containing these active cofactors enhance bioavailability, ensuring the body gets the nutrients it needs.

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