Devit-D3 300.000 UI


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Devit-D3 300.000 UI

Devit – 3 300,000 IU ( Vitamin D 3 ) IM / Oral Ampoule

DEVIT – 3 IM / ORAL AMPUL One of the most important vitamins needed by the human body is vitamin D, as its main function is to maintain the balance of minerals in the body, especially the level of calcium and phosphorous, because vitamin D helps in the process of absorbing minerals in the intestine It also prevents the excessive loss of these minerals in the kidneys, and controls the entry and exit of minerals into the bones.
Studies have also proven that vitamin D has an important role in regulating cell growth processes, increasing the activity of the immune system, and suppressing the growth of cancer cells.

How to Use Devit-3 300,000 IU?

-If there is a doctor’s recommendation, use it that way, otherwise you should use it according to the recommendations below.

– It can be used orally (by mouth) or intramuscularly according to the physician’s recommendation or the patient’s preference. It can be injected into the muscle in calcium absorption disorders.

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