Boots Kids Bone Health Vitamin D 30 Gummies


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Boots Kids Bone Health Vitamin D 30 Gummies

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Vitamin D and B Orange Flavoured Food Supplement with Sugars and Sweeteners, 30 Gummies

Our Vitamin D gummies have been developed to give your little one a daily top up of Vitamin D to help provide them with strong bones and teeth all year round. Our chewable soft gummies are ideal for children age 3 years+ and come in a tasty orange flavour they won’t refuse.

Whilst you can get the essential vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet, it is important to supplement your child’s diet with a daily Vitamin D supplement as it can only be obtained by sunlight and is often in short supply, especially during the winter months. Containing the Government recommended level of Vitamin D, this gummy also contains Vitamins B6 and B12 to support a healthy immune system.

Contains 10 µg of Vitamin D, the recommended level advised by the UK Department of Health. Children from 1 to 4 years should take a daily 10 µg Vitamin D supplement all year. Adults and children over 5 years should consider taking one in autumn and winter.



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