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  • Revitalize your body and mind with Dr. Berg’s Turmeric Latte, Golden Milk with Ashwagandha. This unique blend of aromatic spices and herbs has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and stress-reducing effects. The comforting earthy flavors in each sip will leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied. Keto-friendly and made with organic turmeric and relaxing ashwagandha—just add hot water!

    Dr. Berg’s Turmeric Latte, Golden Milk with Ashwagandha is a delicious way to optimize your health, satisfy your cravings, and enhance your physical and mental performance. These powerful health-promoting herbs and spices have been used for over 4,000 years. Our unique blend gives you the health benefits of traditional golden milk with the added benefits of organic ashwagandha root.

    Whether you want to relax your body and mind, lower your inflammation, support a healthy brain, or boost your energy and focus, this incredible golden milk is perfect for you. Dr. Berg’s Turmeric Latte is made with organic ingredients and sweetened with stevia, ideal for those on a Healthy Keto diet.

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    Dr. Berg’s Advanced Immune Support is multi-level immune system support with vitamin C, elderberry, vitamin D3, and zinc — four research-backed and potent immune-boosting nutrients for daily immune defense. Today, it’s sensible to take every precaution to support your immune system to make sure it is the strongest it can be. One easy way to do this is to take a quality supplement each day that provides you with the key nutrients proven to support a healthy immune system. Keep your immune system strong with Dr. Berg’s favorite immune supporting nutrients, all in one!
    • HOW IS DR. BERG’S ADVANCED IMMUNE SUPPORT DIFFERENT? It contains the four potent, naturally derived immune supporters.
      • Vitamin C (camu camu) – Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins to help fight microbes. The best way to get this vitamin is through food, and this supplement provides it through camu camu, a superfood native to the Amazon rainforest with a high level of vitamin C and other nutrients. Get 70 mg of bioavailable vitamin C per serving!
      • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – This supplement helps you get the same type of vitamin D that your skin produces when it’s exposed to sunlight – which can be important when you aren’t getting outside enough! Get 50 mg (5000 IU) of vitamin D3 per serving to boost your immunity and overcome any deficiencies.
      • Zinc (zinc sulfate) – Zinc is provided in the absorbable zinc sulfate form. Sometimes you may not get enough zinc from your diet, but even when you do, this supplement will ensure your body has the zinc it needs when stressed or when fighting an illness. You get 20 mg of zinc per serving in this supplement.
      • Black elder extract (elderberry) – Elderberry is an immune supporter that was traditionally used by Native Americans and Egyptians and other cultures throughout history. Elderberries are a nutritious food that may enhance the immune response to microbes while also supporting heart health, among other researched benefits. This supplement provides you with naturally derived black elder extract from elderberry at 20 mg per serving.
  • Dr. Berg’s Ashwagandha with Black Pepper is the best way to naturally boost your resistance to stress and anxiety and improve your mood. We use only the highest quality ingredients and add zero fillers, preservatives, additives, or other harmful chemicals. This maximum strength formula provides 1500 mg of ashwagandha per serving and contains high-quality black pepper extract for enhanced bioavailability.

    Ashwagandha is one of the oldest known herbal remedies, and it remains relevant today because of its unique health benefits. Though this herb and its uses have remained virtually the same for thousands of years, we’ve learned how to maximize the benefits using Bioperine—an extract of black pepper. Black pepper enhances the bioavailability of ashwagandha root, so you get the most out

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    Dr. Berg’s Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is an all-natural topical formula that absorbs deep into muscle and joint tissues to help reduce soreness and oxidative stress. It’s made with natural ingredients that support healthy joints and muscles, including arnica, MSM, aloe, and St. John’s wort. Unlike capsules and tablets that need hours to circulate in your bloodstream, Therapy Cream rapidly absorbs into your skin to provide instant joint and muscle relief. Dr. Berg’s Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is packed with high-quality ingredients for workout recovery, full-body relaxation, skin nourishment, and long-lasting pain relief.

    Use this Therapy Cream after exercise to support recovery, at night to promote full-body relaxation, or in the morning to start the day with rejuvenated joints and muscles.

    Reduce stiffness and aches with Dr. Berg’s Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream!


    1. You struggle with joint and muscle stiffness
    2. You want to soothe aches and pains for deeper sleep
    3. You need comprehensive support for workout recovery and performance
    4. You want to support healthy joints and muscles with holistic ingredients
    5. You experience signs of joint and muscle soreness .
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    Magnesium is an essential mineral you need daily to stay in good health. It plays a vital role in hundreds of processes throughout your body–from your cardiovascular system to your digestive system to your circadian rhythm. Yet, 75% of Americans do not meet their daily magnesium requirements—leaving many deficient in this important nutrient.

    Dr. Berg’s Magnesium Glycinate supports sleep, calmness, digestion and cardiovascular health. With magnesium glycinate and added vitamin D3 and vitamin B6, unlike other magnesium products, Dr. Berg’s Magnesium Glycinate vegetable capsules contain magnesium glycinate, which closely resembles the form of magnesium found in food. This enhances absorption without having the laxative effect of other forms of magnesium. In addition to that, vitamin D supports the bioavailability of magnesium, resulting in up to 40% more absorption in your digestive system while vitamin B6 facilitates magnesium uptake into cells, reducing magnesium waste and increasing the beneficial effects. Each serving is loaded with 360mg of magnesium and contains zero fillers or harmful additives.

  • Introducing: Sea Kelp Enhanced

    NEW ENHANCED FORMULA – Sea Kelp Enhanced is a new health-boosting formula that combines three unique types of algae only found in the pristine waters of Iceland. These algae include organic sea kelp (also known as laminaria), organic blue-green algae, and wildcrafted red algae.

    Because sea kelp efficiently absorbs the nutrients from its surrounding marine environment, it is rich in vitamins (vitamins A, K, B1, B3, folate, and pantothenic acid), minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium), trace minerals (iodine, zinc, copper, manganese, and vanadium), fiber, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids.

    Sea kelp is especially rich in iodine, an essential trace mineral. Iodine is crucial for healthy thyroid hormone levels—your metabolism, brain function, cell processes, reproductive health, metabolism, and energy levels are all influenced by these hormones.



    Poorly balanced hormones can make you stressed. Your adrenal glands are organs that create and balance your hormones. If the adrenal glands are not healthy, they may struggle to balance your hormones properly and cause you unnecessary stress. Dr. Berg’s Adrenal & Cortisol Support supplement supports your hormones naturally. You will smile as your body responds to stress better and you feel calmer and clear-headed throughout the day.

    Melt away stress and reenergize with Dr. Berg’s Adrenal & Cortisol Support. Supporting your adrenal glands with essential nutrients helps relax a tense body and increases your tolerance to stress. Adrenal & Cortisol Support is the perfect daily supplement to help relieve adrenal fatigue so you feel more energized and prepared to handle stress. Each bottle contains 60 potent capsules.

  • Reduce cravings and boost your energy with Dr. Berg’s Blood Sugar Support Advanced Formula. Blood Sugar Support is a powerful daily supplement that promotes normal blood sugar levels. You can say goodbye to energy crashes. This product combines ten potent ingredients that support a healthy metabolism, normal blood glucose, and stable energy levels. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.