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  • Addresses the major issues teenagers commonly experience. It enhances acceptance of self, communication, social skills, harmony in relationships, maturity, emotional stability, and optimism. Easy to Use: Just 7 drops under the tongue, morning and night.

  • Helpful for releasing negative experiences associated with one’s sexuality. It allows one to feel comfortable with and to fully accept one’s body. It enables the individual to be open to sensuality and touch and to enjoy physical and emotional intimacy. Sexuality Essence renews passion and interest in relationships. Easy to Use: Just 7 drops under the tongue, morning and night.

  • Seven Seas Simple Timeless Omega-3 Fish Oil Plus Cod Liver Oil Maximum Strength

    At Seven Seas we believe that it’s the simple things in life that keep you feeling young at heart. Seven Seas Simply Timeless contains natural source Omega-3 Fish Oil with Cod Liver Oil, rich in Vitamin D that helps to maintain good health.

    Simply Timeless is the classic way to support your body:

      • Muscles: Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of muscle function
      • Bones: Vitamin D supports the maintenance of normal bones
      • Immunity: Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system
      • Heart: EPA & DHA support normal heart function*
      • Vision: DHA supports the maintenance of normal vision**
      • Brain: DHA supports normal brain function**
  • Iodine deficiency is the number one cause of preventable mental retardation in the world and some sources will tell you that one-third of the entire planet is iodine deficient. Iodine by Solaray is the best way you can ensure your body and your family are receiving the proper amount of iodine everyday.